239th consecutive game at The Big House with more than 100,000 fans in attendance. Official attendance is 112,522. (Chris Zadorozny / MJ)
(Photo: Chris Zadorozny / MJ)


The beginning of September brings a lot of hustle and bustle to the Metro Detroit Area. Classes start, finding a good parking spot becomes somewhat of an Olympic sport, and people are bombarded by homework and classes (with just a hint of drama).

From a more local standpoint, the tailgate for the University of Michigan football games is a rite of passage to incoming students.

People tailgate in many places. Some choose to find an independent lot on off of State. Others choose to park at Pioneer High School, just opposite Michigan Stadium. Hardcore fans or “traditionalists” pay the big bucks and stake out at the stadium parking lot. Others find themselves at the golf course, located on Stadium, between State and Main. Here are a few handy tips for you first time tailgaters:

1. FIND A GROUP! Aside from the fact that tailgating by yourself simply sucks, and is completely sad, this does cost MONEY and most of you probably don’t have much of it. So, find a group of friends to chip in on gas, food, and parking, and go together.

2. You don’t need an elaborate tailgate. The simple act of being within a community of people who share the same passion for the same team counts as tailgating. Just be sure to have SOMETHING to do to stay active.

3. Don’t be too concerned with pricing. As expensive as gas can get these days, our close proximity to Ann Arbor is a blessing so the cost of fuel really is not that bad. Parking, however, is a different story. For the UM-Dearborn crowd, parking off of State St, before the golf course, is probably the most affordable option (between $10 and $20). Parking on the golf course is normally around $40 per car. If you didn’t bring food with you, a CVS and a Kroger are located right across State from the golf course on Stimson.

Now that you have these handy tips, go out this Saturday and have some fun!