The UM-Dearborn Science Building is getting a makeover.

A $30 million capital outlay was recently approved by Michigan Governor Rick Synder to fund the building’s renovation project. The approved funding is part of the Capital Outlay Bill (Public Act 192 of 2012) which Gov. Snyder signed into law back at the end of June.

In total, the project will cost $51 million. UM-Dearborn will be using $21 million of its own money in addition to the $30 million in funding for the renovations.

Science building faculty and staff members will be notified about the itinerary for relocation. Renovations will likely affect science, technology, and engineering students the most.

The Science Building was constructed in 1959. These are the first renovations on it the building since its initial creation. The first step will be to relocate classes to other locations. Renovations have already begun and are estimated to take about two and a half years to complete.

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