(Tommy Alexander / MJ)
(Tommy Alexander / MJ)


“When we played our first college show we were like, ‘Sure this won’t be that weird, we’re not that far out of college ourselves,” said The Wonder Years guitarist Casey Cavaliere. “Then we were about to play [the song] Keystone State and [our bassist] Josh goes, ‘Wait a second, some of you were probably 12 when this was written.”

Pop-punk outfit from Philadelphia, PA, The Wonder Years played acoustically on the University Center Stage on Monday, September 10.

(Tommy Alexander / MJ)

Performing to a crowd of over 100, The Wonder Years played almost an hour-long set. The band that normally operates as a six-piece played with just two guitarists, Matt Brasch, Casey Cavaliere and their singer Dan “Soupy” Campbell.

This was the only the second time they played acoustically in Michigan; the first time being in a backyard in Madison Heights on one of their first tours over five years ago. Originally the show was supposed to be a full band show but the neighbors of the house that the show was at got upset and called the police. Upon arriving, the police said they had to quiet down. So much to the dismay of the band, they retreated to playing acoustically to a crowd of probably less than 20 people.

“It’s always weird playing acoustic ‘cause it’s like, do we sing loud, do we sing quiet?” said Brasch. “I always feel weird playing acoustic, but today was a good time.”

The last time the band was here was in March of 2012 at the Magic Stick in Detroit when they were the headliners of the Glamour Kills Tour. Ever since they got home from that tour they have been working on writing a new record.

“We haven’t really stopped, we took like a week break to do whatever we wanted to do and then started again,” said Brasch about the new record. “We’re pretty far along, but we still got a lot of work to do.” The band is shooting for a release date sometime in 2013.

The next time The Wonder Years will be back in the area is on November 21 at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit on their month long tour supporting Yellowcard.

(Tommy Alexander / MJ)


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