The housing will be called “The Union” and will include apartments for more than 500 students. (Photo Credit: University of Michigan-Dearborn)
The housing will be called “The Union” and will include apartments for more than 500 students. (Photo Credit: University of Michigan-Dearborn)

BY SARAH LEWIS, Editor-in-Chief and ELIZABETH BASTIAN, Managing Editor

In a move expected to change the face of the University of Michigan—Dearborn, officials announced a student housing development.

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The housing will be called “The Union” and will include apartments for more than 500 students. It is being developed by Urban Campus Communities (UCC), located at 760 and 780 Town Center Drive across from Evergreen Road.

“The Union on Dearborn is a great example of how successful private, public partnerships can work to enhance a community and bring new residents into the city,” said Larry Winokur, managing member at UCC.

This 231,791 square foot project will cost the private developer of the property an approximate $30 million, with no financial support from the university.


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“Our students have expressed an interest in housing for many years, so we are pleased that this development allows students the opportunity of adjacent housing to enhance their university experience,” said Chancellor Daniel Little.

Space will also be created for meeting rooms, student activities, study rooms, and an auditorium. Also featured will be public laundry facilities, common rooms, and a new fitness center. Several room options will be available, including 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units. However, rental fees have not yet been finalized.

These communities will bring a new face to student life, considering the campus now being active and inhabited for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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(Photo Credit: University of Michigan-Dearborn)

“This is such an exciting development for the City of Dearborn,” said Dearborn Mayor John B. O’Reilly. “We are thrilled that UM Dearborn students will soon be able to call Dearborn home throughout the year and look forward to welcoming them to our community.”

UCC purchased the property from Ford Land. It will be operated by Asset Campus Housing, a national manager in student housing facilities.

“Personally, I’m very excited to hear the announcement of student housing. I believe it will take the university to a whole new level as to how prospective students see us,” said Dennis Lienhardt, Student Government President.

“It will open many doors within the community and with high school seniors from across Metro Detroit. This is a project SG has always been in support of and we hope to continue to work with administration in providing a student voice to the development. I feel this news is not only great for the university but for anyone who has ever associated themselves with U of M Dearborn. This is a proud moment that we should all celebrate,” said Lienhardt.

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Construction will begin with a public groundbreaking celebration on Monday, September 24 at 3:00 p.m.

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  1. My biggest interest right now is finding out how much these ‘apartments’ are going to cost. Is it going to be build into students’ cost of attendance in that students will be able to cover the cost in loans or monthly payments? Being that i am on one of the 6 varsity athletic teams on campus i am definitely considering moving into the apartments once finished, not only for the campus life but most certainty for cutting my 2hour round trip commute. One reason i decided on UMD was for Volleyball and being told that housing was planned to be done by my sophomore year i decided to wait it out a year, going on two years now its making it extremely difficult to stay apart of the program and the school that i do not want to leave! If there is not assistance with payments will there be assistance for athletes or other organizations to keep campus life and students multiplying?

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