(Photo courtesy of Jeremy Crow on Flickr under CC license)
(Photo courtesy of Jeremy Crow on Flickr under CC license)


Few things in the world make me cringe more than tweets or Facebook posts like: “Lol just watched Harry Potter, I’m such a nerd” or “Just played an hour of Call of Duty #nerd.”

There’s many things in this would that qualify as being nerdy, but I believe that society’s view of “nerdy” things has drastically changed since “nerdy” things have become more mainstream.

Things like casual games, comic book movies, and books like Twilight have emerged much more over the past decade and with them comes a wave of faux nerds. Gone are the days of the stigma that used to go along with being a nerd. It’s now cool to be a nerd; well not really, it’s cool to be the type of nerd that normal society accepts.

Anyone that wears a Pokémon shirt or has read a Harry Potter book thinks they’re a nerd these days. What happened to the kids who wrote their notes in school in elvish to each other being nerds, the kids that carried around a 20 sided die in their pockets in case a pick up Dungeons and Dragons game happened at lunch? I am one with the neck bearded guys that live in basements covered in Cheetos crumbs, empty Mountain dew cans covering their floors and blankets covering the windows so no sun can enter their domain. These are the unsung heroes of this world.

The new World of Warcraft expansion comes out on Tuesday and my REAL nerd friends and I are going to play it for 24 hours straight. Currently, there are three serious desktop computers on my dining room table and Ethernet cords crisscrossed across the floor. The fridge is full of Mountain Dew and hot pockets. We have the local pizza places on speed dial and blankets are covering all of my windows. Instead of “watching the vampire diaries, lol I’m such a nerd,” tweets, my feed will be saying “haven’t seen the sun in 24 hours, bury me with my map of Pandaria.” If my heart doesn’t explode after the 30 rack of Mountain Dew and sleep deprivation, I’ll see you next week. So cheers to you my nerd brothers, keep on leveling and keep on keeping on in a world that accepts these faux nerds but doesn’t accept us.