(Photo credits: Associated Press, DeAndre McDay)
(Photo credits: Associated Press, DeAndre McDay)


Apparently his “Let Detroit die” comment didn’t do Mitt Romney any favors in his home state.

With the November election fast approaching, President Obama is maintaining a steady lead over Romney in the opinion polls in Michigan. Michigan, a state which has voted blue for the past five presidential elections, is home to many union and auto workers who plan to vote Democratic in the upcoming election.

In a CNN/ORC International Survey, 52% of likely Michigan voters said that they would cast a vote for Obama on November 6, which 44% said that they would be voting for Romney.

CNN speculates that the auto Chrysler and General Motors auto bailouts may have been a major factor in Michiganders’ decisions about which way to vote. In spring, Obama visited Henry Ford Museum to speak about the auto industry.

“I placed my bets on American workers,” he said then. “The American auto industry is back.”

Romney, who was born in Detroit, is still maintaining a 19 point lead over Obama in the southwestern part of Michigan, which includes Grand Rapids and surrounding areas.

Obama and Romney are in the final preparations for the first of their three debates, which will be held on Wednesday, October 3 at 9:00-10:30 p.m. EST. The first debate will be on domestic policy and will be held in Denver, CO. It will be moderated by Jim Lehrer.

The second and third debates will be held at that same time on October 16 and October 22. The debate between Vice-President Joe Biden and Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be held at that time on October 11.


  1. his “comment” about “letting detroit die” was an op-ed article he wrote for a newspapaer, and if you read the article you would know that romeny wanted the automakers to go through a mannaged bankrupcy to shed the parasite that is the awful UAW contracts.

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