Official logo for Journalism and Screen Studies major (Courtesy of Facebook fan page)
Official logo for Journalism and Screen Studies major (Courtesy of Facebook fan page)


As of this fall, Journalism and Screen Studies has officially become a new major at UM-Dearborn.

This development comes following an increasing demand for a Journalism major. Journalism and Screen Studies (JASS) was formerly only a track under the Communication major. Students can now choose to minor in JASS or film studies as well.

The major pushes students to prepare for advanced careers in journalism or the screen by pushing practical application in the curriculum and offering cutting-edge classes such as news writing, investigative reporting, and feature writing, as well as classes in online research and reporting, and media and film production.

Professors Tim Kiska, Carolyn Kraus, H. James Gilmore, and Jennifer Proctor will be teaching the majority of JASS classes. Classes will also be taught by staff who have all had professional experience in journalism.

“After our event earlier this year, we took into account what students wanted. Then we incorporated that into the program,” said journalism professor Carolyn Kraus. “The new major is just really the same curriculum with a couple courses cut and added. The main points are that students can now switch their majors from communication to the journalism and screen studies major by going to advising, or else just keep it communications with the JASS track. We listened to what the students said about courses and what they wanted, and we now have a new sports writing course as well as a science and environmental writing course.”

“The program was really developed and updated in order for journalism students to gain technology experience and for those concentrating in screen studies to gain more experience in writing,” said Kraus.

Kraus said that the new major will try to stress the interdisciplinary aspect of journalism. Professors within the major are planning a film, “Voices from Detroit”, to be made with help from students. Kraus also indicated that they hope to have more events in the future for people within the major.