(Credit; Paul Sancya / AP)
(Credit; Paul Sancya / AP)


The ongoing trial of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has exposed long speculated threats and stolen money this past Thursday with the testimony of a Detroit police officer and Kilpatrick’s longtime friend, Mahlon Clift.

A barber turned jewelry salesman, Clift considers himself one of Kilpatrick’s closest friends and was concerned about testifying. On the stand, Clift recalled a time in 2008 when he had to deliver $90,000 to the former Mayor while he was living in Texas after his texting scandal.

After meeting Bobby Ferguson, Kilpatrick’s confidant and fellow man on trial, Clift was given the money to deliver. The Free Press reports that Clift was certain the money was for Kilpatrick.

Along with Clift’s testimony, Detroit police officer Michael Fountain told of his experience with the “Kilpatrick Enterprise”. He claimed that Ferguson threatened his family stating “Your family wouldn’t like the fact that all of this is going on. … It would be in the best interest for you to cancel the tickets.”

Fountain said that he dismissed the tickets as a mistake in fear for the well-being of himself and his family.

The trial continues this week and it is unknown what other information will be exposed. It seems as if a lot of money was hidden and even more people were intimidated.

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