(Tom Alexander / MJ)
(Tom Alexander / MJ)

By SARAH LEWIS, Editor-in-Chief

The student body will be able to vote on changes made to the Student Government Constitution on October 24. Student Government must have all of their Constitution changes approved by a majority of the student body before they go into action.

According to Student Government President Dennis Lienhardt, students will soon receive an email with more information regarding the voting process.

Some of the changes proposed include altering the committee selection process, an increase in GPA requirements for SG members, and a formation of a Student Judiciary.

“The issue that will affect students the most is that of a Student Judiciary,” said Lienhardt. “A dispute between Student Organizations will now go before the full Student Judiciary.”

Members of the Student Judiciary will be appointed by the SG President, with consent of the Senate and will serve as long as they are students at the university.

“Any student who has a Student Code of Conduct Hearing will now have student representation on the board. No longer will students have to plead their case solely to representatives without a student perspective,” Lienhardt said about the formation of a Student Judiciary.

The changes suggested have been made after more than a year of deliberation and propositions from Ann Arbor legal.

Other anticipated changes include an altered line of Presidential succession and a vote of no confidence procedure for the Speaker of the Senate.