DLECTRICITY allowed for a new type of artwork to be showcased to the public at no charge. (Photo courtesy of Kate Renkes on Flickr under CC license)

By JADE GONZALEZ, Guest Writer

The city of Detroit was turned into a land of lights thanks to a brand new art festival called DLECTRICITY. This art festival is a nighttime show full of different lights, lasers, video projections, music, and even robots.

With free admission, Detroit’s streets were pouring with numerous people last weekend, appreciating all the artwork located around Woodward Ave. Midtown Detroit Inc. and Art Detroit Now produced this innovative and modern event.

This art festival included over 35 exhibits. In addition to the art exhibits, there were different events throughout the two nights of the festival.

One of the events was called “Sugar Hill Block Party.” This event was exactly how it sounds, a party! It was filled with artwork, a dance floor, and even free food. The atmosphere of the event was very upbeat with artists dressed in costumes that coincided with their artwork. The artists and people working the event were successfully getting everyone to join the entertainment. Every corner had people of all ages showing off their best dance moves while appreciating the art that filled the event.

Another event was called the “Light Bike Parade.” Anyone was able to participate in decorating their bikes with all the lights they could fit. There were bicyclists with string lights, Christmas lights, glow sticks, and lasers. Numerous riders and their uniquely designed bicycles lit up the streets of Detroit.

DLECTRICTY allowed for a new type of artwork to be showcased to the public at no charge. Some of the exhibits allowed the audience to participate in the artwork. One exhibits called “YOUR TEXT HERE” by Marcos Zotes was a projection of all the text messages sent out by the audience.

The fact that the audience was able to touch and interact with most of the exhibits is what made DLECTRICITY such a success. This exhibit was definitely made for people of any age. Allowing people to “play” with the artwork showed all that artwork can be more than just something to look at; it can be something to interact with.

“This is so great, something free for me and my friends to do while getting to enjoy some amazing works of art,” said Brianna Gloria, one of the many people that attended DLECTRICITY.

For more information about DLECTRICITY and photographs of the different exhibits, visit www.dlectricity.com.