By LAURA CLARK, News Editor

Detroit police held a rally a little over a week ago warning citizens to “Enter Detroit at their own risk.”

The warnings and protests came as a result of the drastic decrease in Detroit police officers over a recent span of time. Detroit, which the police claim is America’s most violent and dangerous city, is now understaffed and the police no longer have the ability to keep citizens safe.

The rally, which was called “Enter at Your Own Risk”, was held the weekend previous to this past one. Even after the initial wage cuts, officers have been threatened by the state treasurer to have their wages cut by another 10% for trying to have their rights protected in court.

A flier was distributed at the rally, stating “No Police, no peace.”

Problems in the police force is by far not the only problem Detroit is faced with. Half the city’s street lights are not in working order after the city did not have the funds to keep them on. The city’s homicide rate is also the highest in the country.