By LAURA CLARK, News Editor

On Wednesday, October 10, Vice-Chancellor of Enrollment and Student Life Stanley E. Henderson sent out an email to UM-Dearborn students asking for input regarding a proposal of a name change at UM-D from the Wolves to the Wolverines.

The email linked to a survey that asked students questions about involvement in athletics and if they thought that a name change would strengthen the bond between the sports at the UM-Dearborn campus and the Ann Arbor campus sports.

BACKGROUND: Wolves To Be Changed To Wolverines?

“To help build our athletics brand and to better align with one of the best athletic programs in the nation, UM-Dearborn is exploring an athletics nickname change moving from the UM-Dearborn Wolves to the UM-Dearborn Wolverines,” Chancellor Henderson said in his email to students.

“Discussions with U-M have been very productive,” he said. “Suggested ideas include sharing resources for uniforms and equipment and having our athletes play in Ann Arbor’s athletic facilities.”

Vice-President of Wolf Pack and Michigan Journal sports writer Ricky Lindsay said that his organization is excited about the prospect of a name change, although at this point in time they do view themselves as the Wolves.

“I feel that the name change to Wolverines will slowly connect all three campuses in the University of Michigan family,” Lindsay said. “I’m hoping for a great impact on campus sports, with recruiting, equipment, and opportunities to be recognized as a Wolverine student athlete. I feel that we’d have better opportunities with our future as students and campus sports.”

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