Ring Pops and Push Pops: Oh my gosh look at all my rings. I’ll trade you this one for blue raspberry.

By ALEXANDRA WEE, Staff Columnist

Twenty years ago, we 90’s kids really knew how to monster mash.

On Halloween, we raced to bob apples and eat powdered donuts hanging from strings. We laughed with our mouths full of fake vampire fangs as we grabbed for orange-iced cupcakes at the class parties. We were witches, M&Ms, and magicians; we were Power Rangers, Cinderellas and Pokemon trainers.

We ran past candle-lit jack-o-lanterns guarding porches and plastic spiders crawling on cotton cobweb-covered bushes. We knocked on door after door chanting of tricks, treats and smelly feet. But the best part of all, at the end of the night, we returned home dragging in pillowcases filled with what we had waited for all year: piles and piles of free candy.

Halloween back then definitely had its perks. Cheaper and far cooler costumes aside, pre-ordering a custom-carved (fake) pumpkin from Michael’s was simply unheard of. We brought the real stuff home from pumpkin patches and scraped the insides out with our own hands.

We stayed up for back-to-back episodes of Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Tales from the Crypt. More importantly, because candy-shopping didn’t used to cost a near fortune, our sugary loot grew by the tenfold within minutes thanks to the more generous neighbors.

Oh, we were spoiled rotten.

The candy, however, didn’t stop on October 31st. Our decade had some of the best fun-to-eat cavity-potential around. Half box flavored Nerds? Fun Dip? Bubble Jugs and Bottle Pops? Halloween or not, let’s be honest, nothing beats the 90s’ sweets.

So whether you plan on staying in next Wednesday with a bag full of mini Kit-Kats and Disney Channel’s Halloweentown, or you’re heading out to a line of wicked parties, grab a few of these old-time faves to re-live some of our lives’ sweetest times.

Top Candies of the Nineties:

Warheads: You can eat three at once? I bet I can do four.
Ring Pops & Push Pops: Oh my gosh look at all my rings. I’ll trade you this one for blue raspberry.
Pixy Stix: The closest thing to eating pure sugar.
Bubble Tape: 6 feet of glorious grape flavored gum.
Pop Rocks: Hold on, can you hear them?
Candy necklaces and cigarettes: You wanted one even though they taste like chalk.
Gushers: Wait, see what color my tongue is.
Blow pops: I’m almost at the bubble gum part!
Fruit Roll-Ups: Making tongue tattoos as cools as POGS
DunkaRoos: Not a candy but still serious lunchbox envy.