(Logo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Student Government)
(Logo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Student Government)

By SARAH LEWIS, Editor-in-Chief

Student Government’s constitution referendum will be up for student approval this Wednesday, October 24. Students will be able to vote on the referendum once Student Government sends a Zimbra email including a link to the ballot.

According to Student Government’s Speaker of the Senate, Shane Henson, these changes will allow Student Government to better advocate for the student body.

(Flyer courtesy of UM-Dearborn Student Government)

The proposed changes to the constitution must be approved by a majority of the student body before they can be put into action.

Three major changes are being brought to the table, the most important of which would be the creation of a student judiciary. The Student Government President will choose students to sit on the judiciary with approval by the Vice Chancellor and Student Government Senate.

Members of the student judiciary will sit in on non-academic hearings as members of the board. They will hear cases involving plagiarism or other violations of the Student Code of Conduct to offer student representation.

Student Government is also proposing to balance the powers of the Senate and the President. If the referendum is passed, all committee appointments will be done by the Speaker of the Senate who is elected by the Senate.

A Vote of No Confidence will be available if the Speaker’s power needs to be checked. Executive Board members will no longer be able to be committee heads.

This referendum will also make Student Government more professional and accountable, according to Henson.
If passed, GPA requirements of Student Government members will be raised.

“We want to make sure we have the best and brightest leading Student Government,” Henson said.

The referendum also proposes a change in the line of succession. If the President and Vice President become vacant at the same time, the Speaker of the Senate is next in line.

Results on whether or not the referendum is passed are expected to be known by the end of the week.