As Tigers fans, many of us watched Game 1 of the World Series. I bet many of the Tigers fans who watched Game 1 probably turned it off after the third inning, that turned horrific fast.

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Justin Verlander didn’t have his A-game. He didn’t have any game at all last night. Maybe he forgot to eat his usual Taco Bell, or he didn’t give Kate Upton a kiss before the game, who knows?

Regardless of what he did or didn’t do last night, JV did not pitch how he does. He is human though, and we hold him to a high standard here in Detroit. Being the reigning MVP and Cy Young, of course he’s going to be held to high standards by anyone.

Lay off though. Fans are going to freak out, going to say it’s over, that they aren’t going to win the series. Chill out. It’s just Game 1 of a seven games series. As much as I’d like for this series to only go five games, because it would be perfect timing for the printing of our newspaper on Tuesday (Game 5 is Monday night), there’s a reason it’s a seven game series. One game does not put you out, only down.

Honestly, ask yourself? Did you really expect the Tigers to sweep a hot team like the Giants? Did you expect no rust coming off a five-day waiting period? Hell no, that doesn’t happen. Both teams are here for a reason. They are best teams in baseball and they are going to battle it out game in and game out throughout this series, no matter how long it goes.

There wasn’t much pop in the bats last night. Rust. Verlander was probably at his worst. Rust. The bullpen didn’t throw great. Rust.

We probably witnessed the final time Jose Valverde will pitch in a Tigers uniform after his third of an inning debacle that included two runs on four hits. This first game is a blessing in disguise. How so you ask? Here’s a few reasons.

I’m a big believer in jynx’s in rituals, yes I’m one of those fans. It’s becoming less and less as the years go by, but we all have weird things we do for playoffs. Beards, drink every time someone does something crazy or typical, wear your certain lucky underwear, fans have these conspiracies.

The Giants rocked the Tigers 8-3, and they had 11 hits off Tigers pitchers. Kung Fu Panda hit three home runs and a single going four for four on the night. You don’t normally see that. A bouncing ball in the third inning hit third base, as Cabrera could only watch it hop over his head. Unlucky bounces, unlucky, unlucky, unlucky. That’s how you can sum up the Tigers last night.

Nothing was going their way, at all. Guess what, it’s only one game, it’s just Game 1 of a seven game series. In my mind, we can only hope the Giants wasted all of their runs and hits in Game 1 and will come out swinging at some insane Fister pitches tonight and go down swinging or hit some easy ground balls for the infield to gobble up.

The Tigers are a good team. They dispatched a hot, young Athletics team, and swept a Yankee team with the best record in the American League. They aren’t here because they suck. They are in the World Series because they are a damn good team, and they know how to hit, how to pitch and most of all, how to win.

Before you start criticizing the team and jumping off the bandwagon, remember this. The Detroit Tigers lost the first game of the World Series in 1935, 1945, and 1968. They went on to win the World Series in those years.