With another game in the World Series, a flashback of the 2006 Tigers appeared in the minds of fans. The Tigers couldn’t muster more than two hits off of a pitcher who had a 12.00 ERA in the postseason and was awful down the stretch in September.

How does this happen? Why are the Tigers this bad? What do they need to do to turn it around?

The Tigers came into the World Series with five days rest, even though they played their instructional league players this past Sunday and Monday. That doesn’t help. The only thing that helps is actually playing more games. It’s quite disappointing that a sweep hurts a team, while playing a seven game series, helps the other.

It doesn’t make sense right? Wrong. Unfortunately, even though the Tigers have been the best team in the postseason, they certainly haven’t shown it here in the World Series. Doug Fister, who had 11 days off, showed his brilliance and that time off didn’t affect him at all. He threw six innings, allowing one run on four hits, while striking out three and walking one.

Sounds like a pretty damn good game, right? It was. The Tigers hitters couldn’t help him out, even though he took a line drive off the back of his head, and yet, STILL stayed in the game.

It was so disappointing to watch this game last night, from the perspective of a Tigers fan. We all know how good this team could be. We also know how bad this team can be.

Right now, they are the team that all of us know as bad. Can they turn it around in the Motor City, where they haven’t lost yet in the postseason? We can only hope and wait two days and one night until we can find out.

Saturday night, where I will see the game firsthand, should be electric. The fans that are freaking out, are probably saying again, just like Wednesday, that the series is over. I was frustrated last night, yes, and it will show from some of my tweets. I never gave up on them, and never will.

Like I said after Game 1, this team is here for a reason. They are a good team. They just need to find it. Maybe they left it in Detroit, after they swept the Yanks. Good thing because they are returning to The D.

This is a seven game series, and down 2-0, it’s a pretty big hole, but it’s not yet the deepest you can come out of it. Going down 3-0 is a whole different story. I don’t expect that to happen.

Tigers fans are going to show up in droves. The city is ready, businesses are ready, workers are ready, fans are ready. Are the Tigers ready to bring the World Series home for two, hopefully three games? They should be if they aren’t. After last night’s game, they sounded pretty upbeat.

They held the top hitters to only two hits combined off of Sandoval, Scutaro, and Posey. The one they call the nerd in a baseball uniform, Hunter Pence, the midseason acquisition, scored and hit in both runs for the Giants.

The Tigers know they are good. Now they face Ryan Vogelsong in Game 3. He is a very dominant pitcher, shutting down the Cardinals in Game 6 of the NLCS. A loud, electric, white towel-waving Comerica Park gives the Tigers the edge. They are excellent at home. Tigers fans need to be loud, be proud, and cheer this team onto victory.

The Tigers may have lost the first two games of the World Series, but coming back to the D, where they have been perfect all postseason, the Roar will be Restored.