(Tina Nelson/MJ)
(Tina Nelson/MJ)


In the final presidential debate, President Barack Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney showed their determination and passion of foreign policy.

While it is too early to determine if President Obama has extended his lead in the polls in Michigan, 53% of readers of the Detroit Free Press reported that President Obama won the debate, 43% believe that it was Romney who took home the debate, and a small 5% were undecided. Many believe that Romney’s performance in the first debate is comparable to Obama’s on October 22.

Although President Obama is leading in many polls in Michigan, Romney has touted his strong presence throughout the state while also trying to focus a lot of his attention on Ohio, where many political operatives believe the election will be decided.

While there has been no shortage of analysis and criticisms of both candidates’ performance, the University of Michigan’s director of debate had nothing but praise for President Obama. However, Aaron Kall explained that it may not be enough to “wipe out the huge amount of momentum Governor Romney earned” after the first debate in Denver, Colorado.

In some of the most recent polling in Michigan, it appears that President Obama is ahead by an average of 4%, while polling in Michigan between September 1st and October 24th has President Obama ahead by an average of 6.25%.

Unlike 2008, both candidates will continue to work very hard in Michigan—primarily through their robust on-the-ground campaign operations. Both campaigns have over 500 events planned between now and Election Day to make direct contact with voters and get them out to vote.

With only seven days left before Michiganders head to the polls, both candidates are looking for ways to appeal to all potential supporters.