By KATY BACHELDER, Opinions Editor of the Hillsdale Collegian

Dear Editor,

Apparently, I’m a bitch. At least that’s what Kristen Golembiewski seems to think, based on her recent screed posing as an editorial titled “Ladies, if you vote Republican, you bitches can walk home.”

As the Opinions editor of my college’s weekly newspaper, The Hillsdale Collegian, and a woman, I felt compelled to respond to my counterpart at the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s offensive and poorly written piece.

I hope I can help Golembiewski understand why some women choose to support Mitt Romney, as her very extensive research — a Google search of “Mitt Romney, women”— didn’t bring much clarity.

If all women need to succeed is more birth control and abortion access, then that is a sad reduction of women to mere sexual objects. American women have incredible control over when they have children, more than any other group of women in human history. Even more appalling is Golembiewski’s characterization of pregnancy, as if it is a horrible thing, like a type of cancer imposed upon women at random. Many of the very women Golembiewski seeks to defend would be disgusted at her calling their children “unwanted.”

I also don’t support misguided “fair pay” legislation or hiring preferences based on gender. It’s misogynistic to suggest the government has to “do something” to make women equal in the workplace. Quotas are demeaning. I don’t want to get hired because I’m a woman; I want to succeed because I am the best candidate. Golembiewski insults women by suggesting they can’t compete based on their own merits (because they’re stuck with babies, or something). Stop whining for special treatment.

The Senate candidates in question gave poor answers that misrepresented Republican positions, and mine. Golembiewski has articulated her position quite clearly, and it’s repulsive. Go ahead and kick me out of the ignorant, identity politics club.

And I don’t even have the space to address her total misreading of the movie “Mean Girls.”

Katy Bachelder
Opinions Editor
The Hillsdale Collegian
Senior, Hillsdale College

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