(Photo courtesy of nightthree)
(Photo courtesy of nightthree)

By JOHN MACDONELL, Staff Columnist

Sometimes I ask myself why I bother playing fantasy football. Another week, another disappointment.  I’ll tell you this, though – it’s only fun when you win.  Losing can create dissent and outright anger with players and your weekly opponent.

For the past couple of years, I have played in 10 team leagues, while this year I hosted a family league comprised of only 6 teams.  For anyone who plays fantasy, they know that when there are only a few teams, the competition is fierce.  All of the teams are stacked with quality players as well as nightmarish scenarios.

So my question is, why do I get my heart broken every week?

We’ve all been there. The last second touchdown pass that puts your opponent ahead for good.  That 50 yard field goal that propels your foe to a one point win.  I’ve been on the short end of the stick for one too many weeks and I’m starting to get sick of it.  Calvin Johnson is riding my bench.  That’s right.  I’m fairly certain it’s the Madden Curse.

I also have Matthew Stafford, whose lack of production has seriously hurt my fantasy chances.  This devastating combo has proved deadly for my chances to compete in my league.  I continuously receive phone calls and emails from my cousins and uncle about how pitiful my players performs when I play their teams.  I’m getting fed up with it.

Fantasy is a fun game to play and I like to think it has helped my knowledge of the teams and players grow.  It’s also caused me to despise some players for their lack of production and inconsistencies.  With this game, it is all about the “what have you done for me lately?” approach.  I tend to take that stance with my team.

I rode the Calvin Johnson train for eight weeks with one good game to show for it.  Every other player on my team has had traded one good week for two bad ones.  I hope that I am not alone in this.  Surely there must be other people that play this game that feel my pain.  Hopefully next week will bring a different result.  But like my previous weeks, I most certainly won’t bet on it.