(Photo Credit: Salam Zahr for Dearborn Patch)
(Photo Credit: Salam Zahr for Dearborn Patch)

BY MARK RINN, Guest Writer

A mainstay in music at the corner of Michigan and Monroe for 53 years is packing up and moving.

Fear not music lovers; the store is moving only three blocks down Michigan Avenue.

Rick LeAnnais, the current owner of Dearborn Music, has been with the store for over 25 years.

LeAnnais cited downsizing 2,000 square feet that was used for stock as the primary reason for the move. The new location will be only one room compared to the four at the current address, but the large selection will remain.

“Most stores are genre specific and they are very good at that one genre,” LeAnnais said, “We carry classical, jazz, rock, there is something for everyone here and we do an adequate job of providing for them.”

The new location will also feature free parking. Those who frequent the current location are accustomed to paid-parking meters on the street and in the back lot.

A giant like Amazon.com isn’t going to edge out Dearborn Music. “We have 35,000 things listed on Amazon right now,” LeAnnais said, “we sold 20 items while we were closed last night.”

Vinyl listening stations will be installed at the new location. With the increasing demand for vinyl, it is a wise choice.

The move date is in the very near future and is only delayed by a matter of paperwork.

The digital-age is moving in and Dearborn Music may be moving but will always be around. “There will always be a need for the physical aspect of music,” LeAnnais said.


  1. The article doesn’t mention where the store is moving to, other than “three blocks down Michigan Avenue.”

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