By ANDREW BARSON, Guest Writer

We are now six weeks into the Fall 2012 Broomball season. Last Tuesday, October 30, featured a matchup between Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) and the Blue Barracudas, followed by Delta Sigma Phi (ΔΣΦ) vs. Theta Tau (ΘΤ).

In the first game, both defenses were out in full force, as the score was tied at zero throughout the entire first half. It wasn’t until approximately halfway through the second half when the Blue Barracudas broke through the TKE’s defense and scored. After that faceoff, the TKE’s tried to rally, but were unable to answer as the Blue Barracudas won 1-0.

In the late game, Theta Tau was doing their best to hold off the Delt Sigs, allowing two, within a minute of each other (16:38, 15:48), in the first half. In the second half, Theta Tau tried to turn things around, but left their defense open for the Delt Sigs to score an additional four goals (12:48, 10:29, 8:55: 6:14), ending the game, a 6-0 Delt Sigs.

On Thursday, November 1, The Sports Heroes played Phi Sigma Phi (ΦΣΦ) and Hostile Takeover challenged District 5. In the first game, the Sports Heroes drew first blood at the 16:44 mark, followed by the Phi Sigs responsive goal at 11:18.

To the Phi Sigs dismay, the Sports Heroes at this point did nothing but run up the board, scoring three more in the first (8:16, 3:32, 1:07) and an additional three in the second (19:05, 16:38, 1:37), ending the game 7-1 Sports Heroes.

During the later game, District 5 made it look as though their defense would be able to hold off Hostile Takeover as the D5 goaltender deflected every shot sent to him. That is, until Hostile Takeover was able to sneak one into the net at 7:47.

Hostile Takeover followed up their first goal by an additional two at 5:32 and then with one minute remaining in the first half. In the second half, District 5 showed their grit by scoring two in the second half (13:43, 1:18). Unfortunately, it was not enough to even slow down Hostile Takeover, as they scored two at 10:15 and 4:58, ending the game 5-2 in Hostile Takeover’s favor.

Yesterday, November 6, the TKEs played District 5 and Theta Tau played the Phi Sigs. Tomorrow, November 8, the Sports Heroes will play the Delt Sigs at 10:30pm, followed by the Blue Barracudas and Hostile Takeover, scheduled at 11:20pm.