(Album cover from Wikimedia Commons)
(Album cover from Wikimedia Commons)

By YARA BEYDOUN, Staff Columnist

Artist: Chromeo
Album: Business Casual
Release: September 13, 2010

Business Casual is Chromeo’s third and latest album. You may have noticed the release date was 2 years ago. So why am I reviewing it now? Well, to be frank, I don’t really want to wait until their next release to talk about them. So this review is more of a recommendation.

Chromeo is an electro-funk and dance duo whose members are David Macklovitch (Dave 1) and Patrick Gemayel (P-Thugg). Their upbeat music uses a lot of sound synthesizers along with a keyboard and, at times, can sound disco-ish. But this is just the smooth, sexy, and a tad flamboyant sound that is Chromeo.

This sound is paired with fun and sometimes cheesy lyrics. But it’s not so much as to be taken seriously, as it is to make you snap your fingers and groove. In the track “Night By Night,” a hung up girl begins to take a toll on the singer: “She says I’m not romantic/ I say she’s too dramatic/ I tell her while we’re at it we can work it night by night.” Whether or not you’re into dance music, this funky duo will grab your attention. When they do, check out their other album Fancy Footwork.

Key Tracks: “Hot Mess,” “Night By Night,” “Don’t Turn The Lights On,” “You Make It Rough.”