Kristen Golembiewski, Opinions Editor
Kristen Golembiewski, Opinions Editor


Now that the election is over, there are a lot of things I’m glad I won’t have to deal with ever again… or at least for the next four years.

Here’s the Top 8 Reasons I’m Glad this Election is Over:

1) No more political ads! Possibly the greatest thing about this election season is that I no longer have to be inundated with ads on tv. Or radio. Or online. Or on Pandora, or Spotify. Or billboards. Basically, ads were everywhere this election season and they were seriously annoying. Now that the election’s over I no longer have to hear menacing voices over shadowy ads every other commercial break. Yay!

2) Along with political ads, my inbox was filled with emails from various interest groups and Super PACS. And Michelle Obama can stop emailing me every other day. Seriously, Michelle, I love you, your fashion sense, and how you exercise your right to bear your incredibly ripped arms but I cannot take your heartfelt emails that just make me feel bad.

3) No more robocalls or robotexts. These first three things have been about campaigns harassing voters but I feel like we received an inordinate amount of campaign material this year. It was ridiculous.

4) No more sponsored posts from Romney and Obama popping up in my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Finally, social media can return to its intended purpose – sharing pictures of your baby that no one cares about.

5) Speaking of the internet, maybe now those terrible political memes can die. Although buzzwords and memorable phrases from the 2012 debates made for some really great costumes, the memes really started to get annoying. There’s only so many jokes you can make about binders full of women, Big Bird and horses and bayonets.

6) We can stop politicizing Hurricane Sandy and focus on helping the thousands who remain without power or who are now homeless.

7) We can also start focusing on stories that are real news. In an election season, news outlets are so desperate for the latest news on the campaign trail that they grasp at straws for a story. Michelle Obama wore what? Ann Romney had tea with her friends? DO TELL!

8) Most of all, we can stop arguing with each other. We can stop tearing each other apart, insulting each other, and leaving passive aggressive comments on each other’s Facebook statuses. Regardless of if your preferred candidate won or not, maybe now we as a nation can learn from this election and move forward.