(Photo courtesy of David Shankbone on Flickr under CC license)
(Photo courtesy of David Shankbone on Flickr under CC license)

By JASON SINGER, Guest Writer

They stood in the desolate streets watching the gun metal clouds mingle in the sky; remnants of nature’s fury. Residents of Staten Island, who were just a week ago carefree inhabitants of the tiny parcel of land, have now made victims by a storm whose power matched that of biblical proportions.

Diane Fieros, whose cheeks were lined with tear marks, wept as she recalled the night Super Storm Sandy made her debut as the new temporary resident of their home. “The deck was moving, the house was moving. We prayed. We all prayed.”

Diane was huddled on the top floor of her house with her family, watching as colossal waves rammed against their house; sea water splashing up through cracks in the floor. The water rose and so did their fear.

“We die,” Diane told her family as they thought the end was approaching, “We die together.”
Fortunately, Diane and her family survived. But others weren’t so lucky.

More than half of the people killed in New York City were killed in Staten Island. The National Guard is currently on the ground distributing meals and medical care to as many as they can, but some wounds can’t be healed with Band-Aids.

LaGuardia and JFK airports have both resumed normal flight schedules, people are slowly shuffling back into New York City and returning in a homeward direction, not sure if a home will be there upon arrival. Food shortages, lost power, and a fuel crisis still are plaguing the East Coast, causing quite a frantic environment.

In the Tri-State area, some customers are waiting in line just to get a few gallons of gas. These are gallons which will cost them a whopping $6 per gallon. Thousands are waiting for military personnel to distribute meals because many grocery stores were either wiped clean, flooded, or the food expired during the storm.