(Courtesy of UM-Dearborn)
“We must make our dream a reality. I believe that we can lead the nation to inclusion.” – Chancellor Daniel Little (Courtesy of UM-Dearborn)


“Our goal is to reassure and deepen inclusion of all students [of minorities among: race, sexual orientation, and etc.], particularly African-American students,” said Chancellor of University of Michigan-Dearborn Daniel Little on November 8.

Andrea Ash, Chair of UMD’s Alumni Society Board (ASB), happily expressed her desire to see a bright future for the ASB, continuing its 18-month transition into a guidance-based organization over UMD’s campus. Ash stated that the future of inclusion consists of organizing all efforts to raise awareness and support, through existing student organizations, of the many differences among students’ lives, and eliminate these differences through understanding and unity.

“What we want to create,” Daniel Little said, “is an environment that will promote desired values from resources we provide.”

With the help of David Gamlin, Director of New Detroit’s Youth Development, multiple minority-based, student organizations, with representatives in attendance, were acknowledged as part of this movement, to strengthen its ties between all students: past, present, and future; and yield a prosperous future for all.

“We are on the move,” stated Little, “and I’m really excited.”

(Chris Zadorozny / MJ)

Gamlin emphasized the importance of a multicultural leadership, partnered with UMD, to assist in building economic equity which will help lay the groundwork to create the same opportunities for all, regardless of race or background, starting with future scholars.

Ceehl Phillips, Vice Chair of the ASB, assured that the ASB works on a strategic planning process.

Uzma Anwar, Co-Vice President of the Black Student Union (BSU), explained that one of the many functions of the BSU is to bring opportunity to African-American students of high schools without a college prep program, by annually inviting many high school students to visit UMD’s campus and see for themselves what opportunities lie ahead of them.

“We must make our dream a reality,” continued Daniel Little. “I believe that we [UMD] can lead the nation to inclusion.”