(Alexandra Wee / MJ)
(Alexandra Wee / MJ)

By ALEXANDRA WEE, Staff Columnist

If you’re craving big bites for your buck and a small-town 50s diner charm, check out Mati’s Deli—just a five minute drive from campus—for delicious sandwiches, hearty soups, salads, slaw and killer cream cheese brownies.

Checkered floor tiles and old-fashioned swivel stools give the deli its vintage feel while the classic sandwiches—from roast brisket on triple decker toast to corned beef grilled on rye—keep customers full, happy, and always coming back for more.

Meet the owner

Lou Weinstein of Berkley, Michigan has been managing Mati’s for 23 years (out of its 27 years in business). Weinstein started off in the food industry as a dishwasher when he was 15 years old. At the age of 23, he joined the Navy. Upon returning home, Weinstein decided he wanted to run his own food business and began looking around for places to build or buy. Two years later, he found Mati’s and says, “It was everything I wanted.”

Why love Mati’s

Besides the sandwiches, Weinstein says the best thing about Mati’s is the friendly service. “I think it really sets us apart from other sandwich places. I like the community aspect here, there’s a very tight-knit one in Dearborn. I love my customers!”

The best seller: “Anything with corn beef.”

The owner’s fav: Carol’s Temptation (turkey breast, cole slaw, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on grilled rye)

Fun fact: Mati’s was built out of an old Shell gas station

Delivery info: Free with a three sandwich minimum order during lunch hour (10 a. m -2 p. m), online ordering is also available at matisdeli.com

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 10 a. m-6 p. m

Located at: 1842 Monroe Street (and Michigan Ave) in Dearborn

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