(Flyer from UM-D Photography Club event on Facebook)
(Flyer from UM-D Photography Club event on Facebook)

By ROB VAZQUEZ, Guest Writer

I recently had the great opportunity to chat with Hana Matter, president of the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s Photography Club about an event being held in CASL on November 20. The event, titled “Photography for Dummies,” is one that surely most of us could use whether or not we wish to admit it.

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What can a person attending “Photography for Dummies” expect?

“Photography for Dummies” is going to be a quick crash course on photography. One can expect to learn how to properly use their camera for the best photographs, the tips and tricks we’ve learned from experience and the do’s and don’ts that we’ve learned from our successes and failures.

What will be covered?

We plan on covering all the basics of photography; from the dos and don’ts to the different forms of photography (photojournalism, creative-art, etc.). We’re also going to cover how to effectively use all different kinds of cameras, starting from the average phone camera to DSLR cameras.

Was there any particular reason as to why you felt like this event was needed at UM-D?

When I first began advertising the UMD photography club, I found that many students were interested in joining because they were passionate about photography, but had never been properly introduced to it. We’re hoping this event will change that and introduce our campus to a new form of self-expression.

What about you? What have you learned through teaching others?

Honestly, teaching photography has taught me more than I expected. I’ve really had to break down what I know as an automatic habit into clear and concise steps. It’s helped me pay more attention to details and learn how to become a better photographer and avoid small mistakes I would have made before.

In what ways can photography enrich a person’s life?

Photography really gives you a whole new perspective of life and allows you to share this perspective with the world. When you see the world through a lens you begin to focus on the things that are most important to you, and I feel like this really builds you as a person. It shows you the people, events or minor details that you find most important and allows you to preserve them or share them with the world.  It’s honestly my favorite form of self-expression.

And finally: Will there be free food?

We’re lucky to have a vice-president who loves baking just as much as she loves photography. So yes, you can definitely expect some free and yummy baked goods.

There you have it! Not only can one expect to have a great time learning the basics of photography by passionate individuals, but one can also enjoy free food while doing it! That is just too enticing to pass up. Most of us carry around cameras in our pockets already, so truly there is no excuse to miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Event details

November 20th, 2012
Tuesday: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
1040 CASL

Can’t make the event?

Come to the Photography Club’s meetings on Wednesdays at 3:00PM in CASL 1015 and like them on Facebook for updates at www.facebook.com/umdphotoclub