(Photo courtesy of Dave and Chuck “the Freak” Facebook page)


It was truly a Black Friday for many 89X listeners. Many of the loyal fans of the “Dave and Chuck the Freak” morning show found out Friday morning the show had become no longer a part of the lineup.

The show will move to another radio station, according to station owner and VP/GM of Bell Media Eric Proksch. Because of confidentiality agreements, 89X isn’t allowed to know exactly what station Dave and Chuck will move to.

According to the official Facebook page and Twitter account of 89X, the station says Dave and Chuck made the decision to leave 89X.

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“Unfortunately we can’t go into detail, but as of today, the Dave and Chuck “the Freak” show is no longer a part of the 89X lineup,” said their Facebook page. “We greatly enjoyed our time at 89X for over a decade, made some great friends, and are so thankful we got to be a part of your lives every morning. We have the best listeners in the world, and you guys entertained us as much as we entertained you.”

‘The Freak’ has been the longest running morning show in Detroit, beginning in April 2001 on 88.7FM (CIMX) based in Windsor, Ontario. It has run every weekday morning from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


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(Photo courtesy of Dave and Chuck “the Freak” Facebook page)

For the past two weeks, however, the station has played reruns of the show.


Listeners respond to announcement

The loyal fanbase of the show was hit hard as fans turned to social media to post their reactions.

“Man, I would listen to their show every morning. That sucks!,” said UM-Dearborn alumni Glenn Cantwell.

“Sad Dave and Chuck the freak went off air : ( my mornings will never be the same…,” said UM-Dearborn student Chelsea Terberg on her Facebook status.

With more fans on their Facebook page, Dave and Chuck “the Freak” has more likes than 89X’s Facebook page by only a slight difference: 79,528 to 78,197.

The show also no longer appears on the schedule lineup on 89X Radio’s website. In a short amount of time that this announcement became public Friday morning, a Boycott 89X Facebook page was created, along with a petition to bring the hosts back to the station.

About the show

Dave and Chuck “the Freak” show featured many different segments. It was hosted by Dave Hunter, Charles (Chuck “The Freak”) Urquhart, and Lisa Way. It was named the best morning show by MetroMix in 2012, surpassing one of the most famous radio shows in Detroit, Drew and Mike on 101 WRIF.

Parts of the show included subjects of discussion that engaged the listeners, taking calls, playing games with them, current event and news updates, and updates of weather and traffic.

Much of the show was raunchy and controversial on multiple occasions featuring moral dilemmas and topics.

Most recently, the show had become very controversial with its offensive advertising campaign, which put the show and its hosts in jeopardy. In 2009 and 2010, billboards went up across Metro Detroit, with sketches of both Dave and Chuck with censored slogans, including “It’s Friday B!#ches” and “P3n!s.”

Mornings won’t be the same without Dave and Chuck “the Freak” for many faithful listeners of 89X. Ratings could drop without one of the best morning show in Detroit, according to Metromix. What is known is that many of the loyal listeners may follow the duo wherever they go.


  1. sorry, but Cal Cagno is in no way an adequate replacement for Dave & Chuck the Freak! The 89x morning show is now beyond boring! At least now I get up in time for work as I hurry to turn off my clock radio!

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