UM-D students benefit from free tutoring at the Math Learning Center (Photo:

By LAURA CLARK, News Editor

The UM-D Math Learning Center has seen an increase in student visits this academic year, and attendance is expected to continue to increase.

Last year, the Math Learning Center received roughly 14,000 visits from UM-Dearborn students seeking free tutoring, a computer lab, test proctoring, and reference materials.

Mathematics and statistics department chair Mike Lachance said that he suspects the number of visits to the Math Learning Center this year will exceed 14,000.

The Math Learning Center, which was established in 1998 after grant funding was received by the university from the National Science Foundation. It was constructed in the year 2000, when CASL made its move to a new facility.

CASL Dean Jerold Hale had high praise for the Math Learning Center as a student resource.

“The Math Learning Center is essential to the success of many of our students,” said Hale. “The combination of motivated students and outstanding tutors working in collaboration with supportive professors is a recipe for improved performance.”