The Detroit Science Center announces the date of its reopening this week as the Michigan Science Center. (Photo:

By LAURA CLARK, News Editor

After over a year of uncertainty about whether the former Detroit Science Center would ever gain back the funds to open its doors to the public again, it has been confirmed that a Science Center will be coming back.

A spokesperson for the newly funded institution, now named the Michigan Science Center, has announced that it will be re-opening “sooner rather than later”.

September 2011 marked the closing of the Detroit Science Center, when it faced significant financial problems which prevented it from staying open. The date of the Michigan Science Center’s re-opening is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4 at a news media event.

Toyota Technical Center has donated a $300,000 gift to the Michigan Science Center, which go to fund the reopening of attractions at the center.

“The Michigan Science Center offers the perfect vehicle for exposing and engaging children in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math at an early age. Toyota is proud to be able to support the reopening of the center and play a part in creating and inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists,” said Jeff Makarewicz, Toyota Technical Center Executive and Michigan Science Center Board Member.

The Michigan Science Center also participated in Detroit’s Noel Night festivities this past week, offering activities such as IMAX movies and holiday planetarium events.