(Image courtesy of The Union at Dearborn)
(Image courtesy of The Union at Dearborn)

By SAMANTHA BELCHER, Student Life Editor

It’s official! “The Victors’ Den” will be the name of the activities center being built with the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s new housing.

Aaron Turner submitted the winning name to Student Government’s “Name Your Space” competition last month. Turner said he chose the name because it would reflect the University of Michigan as a whole as well as the student body.

“Each of us is a victor in our way, and there is no better way than the wolverines having their own den,” Turner said.

What do you think of the new name for the activities center, 'The Victors Den?'

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Total Voters: 21

Devin Robinson was also a winner by submitting “House of Blues” which will be the name of the theater inside the activities center.

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“I couldn’t believe my suggestion was chosen. In my mind, I was thinking out of all names mine was chosen. I was excited and couldn’t wait to tell my family,” Robinson said.

According to Dennis Lienhardt, Student Government president, members of the Housing Planning Committee voted on the submitted names and also provided some potential names themselves.

“We tried to find the ones that fit our campus best as well as provided a unique name that’s not in Ann Arbor or Flint,” Lienhardt said.

Turner said he felt honored to submit the winning name. He added that he was glad to have his ideas shared and heard.

“With just being a freshman in my first semester of college to have this honor was just incredible and outstanding,” he added.

Lienhardt said he likes the names because they are something unique to our campus.

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“’Victors’ is something we can all relate to at all three campuses,” he said.

Robinson said he wanted to submit a name that was short, catchy, and relevant to the university.

“I feel honored to know that I have contributed to this great campus,” he said.

The competition took place for most of November and allowed students to take an active role on campus. The winners of the competition will receive a $100 gift certificate to either the University of Michigan-Dearborn bookstore or McKinley café. Only registered students were allowed to participate.

For more information about The Union housing, visit umd.umich.edu/housing.