(Andrew Barson / MJ)
(Andrew Barson / MJ)

By ANDREW BARSON, Intramural Broomball Beat Reporter

Last week was the quarter finals and this past Tuesday, December 4, was the semi finals and it was Delta Sigma Phi (ΔΣΦ) and Blue Barracudas at 10:30pm followed by Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) and Sports Heroes at 11:20pm.

In the first game of the semi finals, the Blue Barracudas drew first blood at 17:55 of the first half. The Delt Sigs switched gears and answered with two goals of their own at the 4:49 and 2:12 marks, ending the first half with a Delt Sig lead of 2-1. When the second half got underway, the Barracudas were trying to tie things up.

The Delt Sig defense, however, would not allow it as they repelled any more scoring opportunities for the Blue Barracudas. Then, with 6:14 left in the game, the Delt Sigs scored again, putting a lot of pressure on the Barracuda offense to answer. The Delt Sigs drove the final nail in the coffin (0:25 left) of Blue Barracudas playoff run, ending the game 4-1 Delt Sigs.

In the late game, the TKEs and Sports Heroes faced off in what would turn into a nail-biter of a game. The Sports Heroes squeezed in the first goal of the game with 10:55 left in the first half. The TKEs went on the defensive and prevented any other chance of the Sports Heroes scoring, ending the first half 1-0 Sports Heroes.

When the second half started, it didn’t take long for the TKEs to punch through the Sports Heroes defense and tie the game less than two minutes into the second half. This caused the Sports Heroes to also go on the defensive, eventually leading to a stalemate.

Not one scoring opportunity afterward was fruitful after forty minutes of regular play. In the first overtime, the game grew intense, as it was five minutes of four-on-four, but no one could break through.

This took the game into a second overtime, where it was still five minutes, but this time, three-on-three. Then, with less than a minute on the clock, the TKEs scored the gamewinner, sending them to the championship game against the Delt Sigs.

The championship game will be tonight at 10:30pm in the Fieldhouse.