Giancarlo Stanton (Photo Credit:
Giancarlo Stanton (Photo Credit:

By RICKY LINDSAY, Staff Columnist

Last Wednesday marked the fifth anniversary of a blockbuster trade that shaped the future of the Detroit Tigers. I’m talking about the trade with the Florida Marlins that brought Miguel Cabrera to Detroit in exchange for Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin, and others.

This trade was not only successful, but for the first time, a win-big mentality was born in Detroit. Cabrera, a 24 year old star at the time, reached his full potential with the Tigers. Five years later, Cabrera has an American League championship, MVP, Triple Crown, two silver sluggers, and two batting, home run, and RBI titles to his name.

The Marlins’ recent fire-sale leaves their young star, Giancarlo Stanton, frustrated with the future of his team. He hasn’t requested a trade, but has expressed his frustrations with the team on his Twitter.

Stanton, the 23-year-old outfielder, can be compared with the talents that Cabrera displayed while with the Marlins. In his first three full seasons with the Marlins, Stanton has hit .270 with 93 home runs and 232 RBI’s.

Stanton would definitely be an attractive option for the Tigers if they decide to make a blockbuster trade this offseason. He currently has an inexpensive contract, and becomes eligible for arbitration in 2014 and free agency in 2017.

Stanton could also aid the lack of production the Tigers currently have in right field. In an injury shortened 2012 season in which he played 123 games, Stanton hit .290 with 37 home runs and 86 RBI’s.

The price for Stanton could be the deciding factor if a possible deal is ever discussed. The Tigers would most likely have to part with both Avisail Garcia and Nick Castellanos, two players that could compete for starts in right field next season.

The price would be steep, but acquiring a young superstar for the next five years is a tremendous gain, in any situation. When you consider that the Tigers are in win-now mode with the chance at not only one title, but multiple titles, Stanton would be worth every penny.