(Photo courtesy of Steven S. on Flickr under CC license)
(Photo courtesy of Steven S. on Flickr under CC license)

By SHELBY ZUK, Staff Writer

As the semester draws to a close, students stress levels skyrocket. Whether you’re preparing for final tests, papers or projects, the stress never seems to go away until the very last minute.

However, we must get through these last few weeks of all nighters, energy drinks, and pulling out our hair before we can enjoy our winter break.

So instead of procrastinating on that final paper this semester and staying up till the wee hours of the morning, follow some of these tips to make finals week a little bit easier on yourself:

Keep a Schedule:
Why sit there cramming for hours at a time? Manage your time. Make time tables, or lists to manage what you have to do. Creating a schedule of what to study when can help you focus more on what you have to do.

Take a Break!
I know it seems like 24 hours a day is not enough time to cram everything in, but you do need to take a break! Cramming loads of information in your brain all at once isn’t going to help you learn the material. Make sure you take some sort of break, even if it’s for ten minutes, and just relax.

If You Don’t Know Something, Ask!
Many students struggle with finding every little detail for what they need to know. Then, if they can’t find it, they freak out even more. Going into hysterics because you can’t find something is no way to help those sky-high stress levels. Ask friends in the class, teacher’s assistants and your professors for help. There’s no reason to stress if you have resources at hand.

Everyone thinks that staying up till 3am will help their chances of acing that final. While that make work every once and awhile for some, it doesn’t for most. You’ve studied for weeks, you know what you know and that’s all you can do. Get some sleep before that big exam and your brain will be more prepared.

Throw in a Little Exercise:
Hey, while you’re taking a break, throw in a bit of exercise! Not only is working out a great stress reliever, it’ll get you pumped and energized to get back to studying after. So jump on that treadmill for 15 minutes; drop the stress and burn some calories!

Study Smart:
Make sure you don’t spend too much time on one subject. If you are stuck on something, it’s probably time to take a break or move on to the next subject. Devote enough time to each subject so you don’t have to cram at the end.

Eat Healthy:
I know those potato chips and Pepsi look great at the moment, but they’re only going to slow you down. Stick to the healthy choices. Fruits, vegetables, and stay away from the sugar. Follow this tips and it should help you have a better finals week. Happy finals week everyone, may the odds be ever in your favor.