(Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)
(Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)


Straight from the LA Auto Show, Ford rolls out the next generation of cool. Ford revealed the all-new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST at this year’s LA Auto Show.

The Fiesta ST is a sportier version of Ford’s popular fuel saver, the Fiesta. The ST added to the name stands for Sport Technologies and, just by looking at it, you can really tell that it has a sporty look to it. It too has adopted the European styling that Ford has brought to the table for 2013.

At the front is a big open front grille that screams mean situated in the middle of a unique front bumper. At the back is a very noticeable spoiler positioned atop the rear hatch, and a body painted rear diffuser under the ST specific rear bumper.

Let’s not forget the badge that brings it all together, the ST situated in the lower right hand corner of the rear hatch. The 2014 Fiesta ST will only be available in a 5-door hatchback model.

So what makes the Fiesta ST so special? Well the fact that it pumps out 197 horsepower with 214 pound-feet of torque. That might not sound like a ton of power but when you put it in a car that weighs a little less than 2,500 pounds, it packs a punch.

The ST only comes with a manual gearbox, no option for an automatic. This will attract the car enthusiast that wants a real driving experience. Power is great and everyone wants it, but with gas prices as high as they are today, it is necessary to have a vehicle that savors the fuel it takes in. The Fiesta ST can surely handle the gas. It still gets an estimated 34-mpg even with all that power.

The Fiesta ST is a model that will certainly attract the attention of the younger audience as well as the older. However with its low, not yet released price, you can bet that it will be filling the streets.

It’s a great option for that College Grad or student on a budget that still wants something cool. Along with the Fiesta ST, Ford has brought an all-new color line up for 2014 including colors such as Green Envy and Molten Orange. It’s all about attracting that attention, and with those colors, you surely will.

The Ford Fiesta ST is one hot hatchback. An all around fuel efficient sports car that you can haul the family in. One could only dream of such a thing in years past. Ford has really stepped its game up this year, and I am looking forward to seeing the Fiesta ST on the road and to see what Ford comes out with next.