If you have not yet heard of this group, here is a list of my top 10 favorite songs just to get you started. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)
If you have not yet heard of this group, here is a list of my top 10 favorite songs just to get you started. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

By YARA BEYDOUN, Staff Columnist

LCD Soundsystem is a Dance/Electronic group from New York City. Fronted by singer/songwriter James Murphy, they have influenced hundreds of thousands over the past decade through their innovative, yet nostalgic style.

Sadly, on April 2, 2011 LCD Soundsystem played their last show at Madison Square Garden. This is chronicled in the highly acclaimed documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits.

If you have not yet heard of this group, here is a list of my top 10 favorite songs just to get you started. If you have heard of them, take a gander anyway! This is in no particular order:

–Daft Punk is Playing at My House:
So James Murphy decides to throw a house party and Daft Punk is the musical guest of the night. The tune will get you grooving as he “shows you the ropes, kid.” This track is as hot and jammin’ as the party itself as Murphy sings “There’s a freak out brewin’ at my house, my house!” Along with band’s meticulous use of instruments such as synthesizers, guitar, drums, etc. this is perhaps the best song to give you a kick start on what this band is all about.

–Losing My Edge:
In 2002, before the band’s first studio album, they broke into the underground scene with the release of this single. Murphy is frustrated with the new generation of musically informed kids who “borrowed nostalgia from the unremembered eighties,” as he as-a-matter-of-factually repeats, “I was there.” This song also chronicles Murphy’s fears of failing due to the emerging younger, more creative talent.

Just a good rock tune about a relationship. This song exemplifies LCD Soundsystem’s great way of fusing rock and electronic music which has come to define their sound.

–Someone Great:
A song about losing someone great –be they a lover or a friend. Along with some great instrumentals, Murphy sings about the death of someone close to the heart. It’s ironic at points as he says: “The worst is all the lovely weather/ I’m sad, it’s not raining/ The coffee isn’t even bitter/ because, what’s the difference?” This song is truly powerful as he depicts the overwhelming sadness of watching someone close slowly dying as he repeats over and over: “And it keeps coming till the day it stops.”

When Nike asked James Murphy to write a promotional song for joggers and fitness lovers, it resulted in this 45 minute piece which was released on one of LCD Soundsystem’s EPs. This is a funky fusion of jazz and electronic music that will keep you tapping your foot the whole way through.

–Drunk Girls:
This insanely hilarious take on all the wasted girls and boys of our generation will make you want to dance. It opens with chants of “Drunk girls!” as Murphy starts singing: “Drunk girls cause a couple of heart attacks/ Drunk girls are unusually mild/ Drunk boys keep in pace with the pedophiles/ Drunk girls are boringly wild.”

–You Wanted a Hit:
Murphy opts for a softer tune in this crack against the music industry; as LCD Soundsystem release their last album, he shows us his take on what the group was all about. With smooth beats in the back, Murphy says to them: “You wanted a hit/ But maybe we don’t do hits/ I try and try/ It ends up feeling kind of wrong.”

–Never as Tired as When I’m Waking Up:
Murphy sings about the restlessness of love and its games. With its psychedelic, rock tune we are introduced to a relationship that resembles a drunk faze resulting in a hangover: “Though it feels like I’m in love again/ With what ya do/ But not with you.”

–Can Change:
I love the instrumentals in this song with its easy synths and keyboards. It’s about the desperation of love and everything a person would do for another. Yet if things don’t resonate, as Murphy says, “I can change, if helps you fall in love.”

–Sound of Silver:
Titled after its album, this is another track that shows how LCD Soundsystem fills 8 or 9 minute time spans wisely. It carefully builds down and then up again with its techno beats and homemade instrumentals. It keeps you interested the whole way through, which is something James Murphy does seamlessly well.