Gift giving is making its final ascent as we are days before Christmas with loads of gifts of to give and receive.

But, in lieu of the various holiday parties, secret Santa gift swaps and extended family gift giving, what is one to do when you get something that is not your, well, taste?

Jerry Seinfeld supplied us with the greatest solution that is still being celebrated – regifting. For all those out there who are unfamiliar with any Seinfeldisms outside of the Soup Nazi (as am I), regifting is a relatively new term. It means to give a gift that was given to you to someone else as a gift, i.e. re-gift.

Initially this may sound like some sort of bad-gift-recycle but, according to, currently this practice has become an acceptable etiquette that many are using as an alternative to being seemingly ungrateful by returning undesirable gifts by giving it to someone else.

This gift-paying-it-forward practice has managed to become a national holiday among office holiday parties as has declared the third Thursday in December National Regifting Day.

Now before you get excited and delve into that box of gifts from Christmas pasts, there are a few Do’s and Don’ts that need to be addressed as to not cause an interruption in the regift-giving-feng-sui so, here’s a short list of regifiting rules that’ll we call: Regifting for Dummies.

Rule #1: No “retro” gifts – According to dusting off a gift to give is probably not a good idea, especially if it’s sat long enough to collect dust, it’s no longer in season and should probably go back to being a paper weight on your desk.

Rule #2: No “custom” gifts i.e. engraved, monogrammed or promotional – also says one-of-a-kind gifts should be avoided. This should go without saying that maybe those monogrammed Spartan bath towels you received as a gift from your former bestie would not make a good regift to your new beau (as no Spartan gift would).

Rule #3: No “opened” gifts – considering that grandma’s cheeks are usually rosey with excitement watching you rip open and try on the Reindeer covered track suit with matching scarf, you may not want to regift this. Not because it would hurt grandma’s feelings because you didn’t like it, but because not even campus security after telling you to move your car out of that “special” made parking spot deserves such a regift (sorry grandma).

Rule #4: Never forget who gave you the gift you’re regifting – This is a common sense mistake that many newbie regifters experience – accidentally giving the Mexican fiesta garden gnome you received as gift to the giver. In this awkwardly occurring instance, there isn’t any advice out there that could fix this problem without seemingly making it worse. So DON’T.

So before you dive into that vat of gifts in a box marked “Aunt Mildred” hiding away in a closet like the island of misfit toys, just remember when considering present possibilities to never give a gift you wouldn’t want to receive. Because thanks to Seinfeld and his bright ideas, you might just get it back.