Album Cover Courtesy of: Warner Brothers Records

By YARA BEYDOUN, Staff Columnist

Artist: Lianne La Havas
Album: Is Your Love Big Enough?
Release: July 9, 2012 (UK)

Lianne Le Havas is an indie pop singer/songwriter from England. Her debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough, was released in the UK back in 2012. Part neo-soul and part folk, this compilation of love songs has an easy, soulful atmosphere as Havas pairs her beautiful vocals with some pretty hot instrumentation. While a few tracks on this LP are loud and energetic, most are quite somber. Havas takes us through many troubled romances dealing with age differences, deception, and more.

“Leave Me No Room for Doubt” is a soft tune along with an easy bass that is strung in the background. Accompanied by Willy Mason, Havas takes the part of a lover who faces the issues of trust and deception as the two repeat harmoniously, “We all make mistakes, we do/ I learnt from you.”

While some songs are quite troubling, Havas succeeds in creating stirring rhythms and smooth, jazzy melodies. However some songs I found to be quite forgettable. The first track of this album, “Don’t Wake Me Up,” lacked heat and left me uninspired. Despite these few instances, Havas most definitely succeeds in her debut; at the age of only 22, I’m excited to see what’s next?

Key Tracks: “Au Cinema,” “Leave No Room for Doubt,” “Forget,” “Age.”

Song Review

Artist: Lion Babe
Single: Treat Me like Fire

This is a hot track from emerging group Lion Babe, whose members include Jillian Harvey and Lucas Goodman. The song begins with a loud growl, as Harvey takes the form of a sexy lioness and seduces her lovers to a soul-pop beat. But she warns! “I’m in the light, I glow/ You know not to touch me/ Cause it might burn.”