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As of late, popular social media websites seem to have been straying tremendously from their original purposes. Facebook was intended to connect college students; Twitter was created to mimic group text messages; Tumblr was meant to be a personal blog.

However, I’m more likely to get a Facebook request for a Farmville gift rather than an invite to a campus event. I would be shocked to see a retweet from CNN rather than one from Snooki, and women reblogging trashy photos are more Tumblr famous than our painfully witty Editor-in-Chief.

The modern world seems more concerned with entertainment and stupidity rather than news and real connectivity. I am the first one to admit that I regularly visit Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. I love the ability to connect with friends and family. But, that use of social media seems to be on the backburner in favor of hashtag drunk, Instagram pictures of food, and Facebook posts discussing what you ate that day.

It seems as if social media has become nothing more than excuse for people to present themselves as idiots. Now, this may be partially my fault for following these people, but I still don’t think I should have to be exposed to such inanity. I have always been against censorship. Being on social networking sites has made me begin to rethink that.

The final stages of my tolerance began during the 2012 presidential election. The absurd posts about Obama and the search of his birth certificate STILL or discussions about my main man Joe Biden being unfit for his job were just too much. Although, I did enjoy seeing all of the photos of Romney’s terrifying sons, it was all usually irrelevant and always stupid. And it appears that the stupidity has not ceased since.

I like using social media. It’s a way to stay connected, express my hilarity, and waste hours of my time. It saddens me that I must filter through the mindless content to find one piece of worthwhile material. I think it’s time that we implement a system that prevents users from posting idiotic material. I’m a busy person and do not want to waste time reading about how wasted you got on that Jaeger Bomb, seeing what your new shoes look like with a filter, or watching a GIF of a cat jump inside a box. Okay, maybe the last one.

Please people, just remember when you post something—does anyone even care? Probably not.