Courtesy of: A$AP Worldwide

By YARA BEYDOUN, Staff Columnist

Artist: A$AP Rocky
Album: Long. Live. A$AP.
Release: January 15 2013

ASAP Rocky (Rakim Mayers) is a rapper from Harlem, New York. After releasing his first mix tape, Live. Love. A$AP., he emerged with an album which was said to be released on January 15 (but was leaked much earlier). Long. Live. ASAP. is the artist’s debut album, which features various acclaimed artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Big Krit.

The tracks on this album exude variety as Rocky plays with different rhythms and tones for example the track “Wild for the Night,” which features Skrillex, is about all the stupid things that can happen when you drink and party.

Unfortunately, these were the only pros I found on this album.
With various writers assigned to each song, you’d think the lyricism would be a lot more thought provoking. However what we are left with are unoriginal themes and lyrics about money, women, money, power, drugs and oh did I mention money?

The commercial album did produce various could-be radio hits such as the opener “Long. Live. ASAP,” which is a mess of unoriginal lines that simply do not correlate with one another. The track talks about Rocky’s fame and money while living the ghetto lifestyle. Humble is not a part of Rocky’s dictionary as he repeats “Who said you can’t live forever lied/ of course I’m livin’ forever.”

In the end I’m left unenthused, unmoved, and pretty annoyed that I wasted my time. However if the rhythm and beats of a rap song matter more to you than concept and lyricism, this may not be such a waste of time. Perhaps Rocky can utilize these pros (and some finer lyricism) in creating a better, second album. But I’m not too convinced.

Key Tracks: “Goldie,” “Suddenly.”