Ricky Lindsay, Staff Writer


During the past week, two stories have caught a great deal of attention from people throughout the United States. I’m talking about the situations involving former cyclist, Lance Armstrong, and former Notre Dame linebacker, Manti Te’o.

Armstrong repeatedly lied about his use of performance enhancing drugs during his run as cycling’s elite athlete. He sought to not only protect himself, but destroy anyone that opposed and questioned his innocence.

News broke this past week that Te’o reportedly lied about the existence and death of his girlfriend Lennay Kekua. The story continues to change as details leak out to the public.

Although the Armstrong and Te’o situations are on two different sides of the spectrum, they have collectively proved one thing; athletes can no longer be trusted in today’s world.

Armstrong’s lies and power were fueled with each race won, as the cyclist continued to dominate the sport.
I remember thinking to myself the same thing every time an athlete would publicly question Armstrong’s innocence: Why would someone, even a rich man, go to court and continually deny his guilt if he was indeed guilty?

Armstrong’s whole situation continues to flabbergast me, even after all these years and his recent admission of guilt.
Te’o’s situation remains murky as details continue to leak. ESPN reported that a former teammate of Te’o stated that the beloved linebacker continued to play along with the girlfriend story for publicity reasons.

There have also been reports that Te’o was involved in the hoax the entire time for an increase in publicity.
In a statement released by Te’o, the linebacker says he was duped in someones cruel idea of a sick joke. As information continues to leak, one question remains: Who can you believe, if anyone?

Situations similar these two continue to occur in sports today. Look no further than the use of performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball for another ongoing example.

Are the athletes that children look up to being truthful, or just looking for a personal gain? That is up for you to decide.