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Silver Linings Playbook is about Pat Solatano Jr. (Bradley Cooper) who is fresh out of the mental hospital for beating his wife’s lover to a pulp, and now he’s back living with his parents (Jackie Weaver, and Robert De Niro).

His father is making his way in retirement by betting on the Eagles and catering to his superstitions. Pat is determined to win his wife back, with the help of Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), his wife’s best friend’s younger sister. Tiffany’s husband died, and she’s going through a crisis herself. As apart of her therapy she takes part in a dancing competition, and she promises to give Nikki, Pat’s wife, the letter if Pat dances with her.

This was probably my favorite movie of the year, maybe ever. The story might seem like a typical romantic comedy type of movie, but it’s acted and filmed so well that it feels as though it’s real. Even the premise sounded really cheesy, but it takes on so much more than that.

The film cuts around during Pat’s couple of meltdowns, and you can feel how broken and lost he is. It’s incredibly powerful. It’s as funny as it is moving, and although it’s about a two hour movie, I can’t think of anything they would be able to cut out.

Jennifer Lawrence is an acting vision in this movie. She out acts Robert De Niro, the legend, in possibly my favorite scene in the movie. Jennifer may seem too young for the part, and she even admits she was, but her acting skills shown throughout the movie show that there really was no other choice but her.

The final dancing scene is probably the best, most awkward experience on the silver screen, and rightfully so. It’s symbolic of their changing relationship, and their dysfunctional behaviors, and it’s hilarious. There are points in the movie when you think it’s changed and become serious, but it never fully does, and that makes it feel so much more like real life.

Depression, bipolar disorder, and loss are at the center of the movie, but what it’s really about is moving on. Pat has to move on from finding out that he has bipolar disorder, and his wife cheating on him, and Tiffany has to move on from her depression of her husband dying. It captures how two people who almost seem incapable of moving on, work towards it and become stronger because of it even though they have their disadvantages. It’s my choice for best film of the year.