Photo used under the Creative Commons license
Photo used under the Creative Commons license

By MARYANNE RAFKA, Staff Columnist

Owning a gun is your right as an American. This is a view many people hold, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with this view. Owning a gun is your right. However…reproductive freedom is my right. Marrying the woman I want is my right. Being able to walk outside alone at night and not be afraid someone will attack and rape me is my right.

Quality public education is my right. Being able to see a doctor when I get sick is my right. Not being kicked out of my home because I lost my job is my right. Affordable college is my right. Not having to live in a country where the idea of “god” is forced down my throat is my right. Equal pay for equal work is my right. Birth control is my right. No restrictions on my ability to vote is my right.

You’re upset because someone somewhere believes that there should be stricter gun control laws because children in an elementary school were killed.

You’re upset because people want to limit the amount of rounds you can shoot, or how many bullets are in each round. You’re upset because someone believes it should be more difficult to get a gun. You’re upset because someone believes in criminal background checks for anyone who wishes to purchase a gun.

You’re upset because you think your rights are being trampled on.

What about my rights? What about my rights for reproductive freedom? What about my rights as a gay woman? What about my right to get married? What about my rights that don’t have to do with your guns? Will you fight for my rights?Or are rights just rights when they’re something you want? Like guns.

If they don’t directly affect you, if they’re not important to you, what are they? Privileges? Morally wrong problems? Issues? Listen, if you want to keep your guns, keep your fucking guns. But don’t say it’s because you have a right to own a gun. Yeah, the second amendment. I get it. I’ve heard it a thousand times. But if any of the Founding Fathers saw even the least technologically advanced guns we have today, they would literally shit their pants.

Thinking about the weapons we have makes me shit my pants, and I’ve grown up in a culture that glorifies violence.
But okay, you don’t have to believe that there’s a problem with guns in this country. The problem is with rights, and how we define rights. And if you think it’s your right to own a gun but want to put restrictions on my vagina, education, voting ability, and marriage, then you don’t know what a right is. And if you don’t know what a right is, you don’t have a right to anything. Not even your precious guns.