(Logo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Student Government)

By LAURA CLARK, News Editor

Back in October, the University of Michigan-Dearborn student body elected for the creation of the first ever Student Judiciary by approving the new Student Government Constitution. The five members, Irene Mo, Jessie Thueme, Jason Schweder, Azarael Dunbar, and Marcella Fox, were approved this past Friday night.

Marcella Fox, one of the newly elected members, said her position “is already an integral part of who I am.” Fox feels that her position will be important to University of Michigan-Dearborn students. “My actions, speech, and thoughts will reflect the type of integrity you have the right to expect from your judiciary members,” she said.

“I applied for this honor for three very important reasons,” Fox said. “One, my love for not just the written interpretation of the law, but the spirit in which our laws were made. Two, the need for and my belief that I have the ability to render justice that is blended with equal parts of law and fairness. Three, it is essential to have student representation in all governance, policies and procedures that affect the student body.”

Irene Mo, another newly elected member, says that the new Student Judiciary will be beneficial and “…important to the campus community because it will allow for students to be tried by their peers. The Justices will be making unbiased decisions and setting precedence for how Student Organization Constitutions and Bylaws will be interpreted.” Mo said that she applied for the position because of her past experience in Student Government.

“As one of the two longest standing members in Student Government, I have experienced a time in Student Government history where people’s selfish intentions overruled the need to advocate for student concerns. There were numerous counts of Executive encroachment and Senators would follow parts of the Constitution only when it benefited their side of the argument.” But Mo hopes that the new Student Government and Judiciary will be able to transcend the previous administrations.

“Within the last two years, Student Government has transformed and outperformed previous administrations. It is my hope that as I leave the Legislative and the Executive branches of Student Government behind, I will be able to preserve the integrity of this organization through my objective decisions,” she said.