Photo courtesy of: Joseph Xu / Michigan Engineering

By LAURA CLARK, News Editor

Last year, the members of the Summer 2012 Engineering Project had to go back to the drawing board. After initially brainstorming to create an App for the Android operating system, but having issues with being able to follow through on the idea, they had to come up with a new idea and play catch up fast.

Fortunately, the team quickly pitched ideas and Cory Woolf, an engineering student at University of Michigan-Dearborn came up what would soon be a web-based app called CourseFeeds. CourseFeeds would be built using the jQuery mobile framework and would allow students and professors to share any type of multimedia academic resource–webpages, PDFS, links to Youtube videos, etc. Together, the team of engineers, which included Woolf, Salvador Holguin, Cory Vanhooser, and Brandon Wenzel, all contributed their ideas to the project, and thus, CourseFeeds was born.

CourseFeeds, a multimedia aggregator, is in essence similar to sites such as Digg, Reddit, and Pinterest, and will allow University of Michigan-Dearborn students to share multimedia content with each other. It will also help students and professors to find multimedia resources in a faster and more efficient way than search engines such as Bing, Google, or Yahoo.
“Right now,” said Woolf, “the closest thing we have to this is Blackboard and CTools. We’re not trying to replace either of those. We’re just trying to improve the sharing functionality.”

The main aim of CourseFeeds would be for students and professors to share helpful resources for their classes that would be useful to other students in current or future classes.

“We are not hosting the content,” Woolf said. “We are only providing an easy to use system to provide content on the internet. It’s easy to share relevant URLS with classmates, and people in future classes can benefit too.”

The CourseFeeds team ran a table at the Fall 2012 Student Organization Fair, and the U of M Ann Arbor campus quickly got word of their idea and decided to incorporate it into their system. CourseFeeds will be launched at University of Michigan-Dearborn and The University of Michigan Ann Arbor on January 31, and is anticipated to come soon to University of Michigan-Flint as well.
Any further information about CourseFeeds can be found at and any questions can be directed to

Woolf also added, “We would definitely thank Jim Brailean for his support with the project.”