(Photo credit: The University of Michigan-Dearborn)
(Photo credit: The University of Michigan-Dearborn)

BY LISA MCGANN, Staff Writer

The Union is presenting Midnight Madness this Thursday, January 31, from 6-12 pm inside The Union construction site. Students can walk around and see the progression of the dorms. Parking will be in the residency parking lot outside The Union. There will be a DJ, free food, games, and prizes! So come on by!

“The Union is a very big deal for the University of Michigan-Dearborn because it is an opportunity to make life easier for students on campus,” says Steve Ostipow, General Manager of The Union.

Great deals and lease specials will be offered. Students attending can receive half off of the reservation fee if they sign a lease before or at the event. There will also be information about paying co-pays instead of rent in the beginning months of the lease until students receive financial aid package.

Like with every great event, there will be free food at Midnight Madness. Local restaurants will be there passing out samples. Buffalo Wild Wings will be having a wings challenge where students will try and eat all eight flavors of hot sauces. The winner will get a Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificate.

The event will have many giveaways! Students can participate in the promo “Fill yo Fridge” if they get four people to sign a lease in the days leading up to the event. The students will then receive a fridge full of food when they move into their dorm in the fall.

Many games will be taking place as well. Students can play Minute to Win It games throughout the night and win tickets that can be placed into prize jars. Raffles will be taking place throughout the night for items from home goods to DVDs. The grand prize will be a 32 inch TV that is only available for VIP students who sign up for a lease before the day of the event. Other prizes include a Blu Ray player, an espresso machine, Michigan gear, and a mini fridge.

Students will be able to have more places to hang out and more food options at The Union. With more students on campus longer, student life will explode. More people will stick around campus after class instead of drive home.

“With more people living in Dearborn, the local business will benefit as well,” Ostipow says. Hopefully Dearborn will transform into more of a college town. “It’s cool to be a part of a project that impacts so many people,” he says. The Union will be a way to draw in more students to UM-D and bring in more businesses.