I do not know why people insist on washing their feet in the sink when there is a very nice footbath just a few feet down the hall. It was constructed purposely so people preparing for prayer could have a comfortable place to wash their feet in private. I have been in it, and it is actually pretty nice – there is a place to sit, there are several settings on the little showerhead, and the foot dryer in there is pretty effective. Overall, I think it is a great alternative to washing your feet in the sink.

Just as I tried out the school’s footbath, I tried the alternative method of washing my feet in the sink. I found it really hard to actually get my foot up over the edge of the counter and into the sink (although this might have been because I was wearing jeans at the time, but that is another issue).

I felt very unbalanced and I quickly saw how someone could easily fall. I wonder, has there ever been a lawsuit against the University from a student who fell trying to wash their feet in the sink? Perhaps that is why there are signs posted on the bathroom mirrors politely asking people to use the footbath. It is a disclaimer of sorts.

But still, it does not work. People see the sign and remain undeterred. And if they are not lifting their feet up into the sink (which I have seen, and shuddered at), they are standing barefoot with a thin piece of paper towel protecting them from the germs of the tiled floor.

I don’t know where people came up with this idea. Did they see Britney Spears go into a gas station barefoot and think, “If it is good enough for Britney, it is good enough for me”?

You are not Britney Spears, foot washers, and even if you were I would still suggest you use the footbath. I do not know what it is about this school and feet, but they are everywhere. Bare feet propped up on library chairs in the summer. People walking around in socks during colder months. And now, feet in the bathroom. I really just cannot take it anymore.

I do not have podophobia (fear of feet). It is just that feet are arguably the grossest body part on a human. More than that, you need to respect people’s space. And you need to start doing it immediately, before you fall or catch some nasty virus from walking around the bathroom barefoot.