Photo Courtesy of Andrea Gibson


Award winning activist and poet Andrea Gibson will be performing at University of Michigan- Dearborn this upcoming Thursday, February 7th at 7:30 p.m., sharing with us her experiences and thoughts that many people face in the world today.

Andrea travels around the country sharing her spoken word against the struggles of gender norms, politics, and issues that LGBT people face in today’s society. She also performs at LGBT events, pride events, and anti-war rallies. She currently has five full length albums the most recent one “Flower Boy,” and two books all emphasizing her rally for action and illustrating situations and challenges that many people go through on a daily basis.

Her work has been featured on BBC, Air America, and C-SPAN and she has made quite a name for herself in not just the LGBT community, but as an activist in general aiming to achieve the equality everyone deserves and the difficulties that are faced by many. Gibson has competed in multiple poetry slams, performed all around the country and in 2008 she became the first poet ever to win the Women of the World Poetry Slam right here in Detroit.

She will be performing at our school this Thursday at 7:30 PM in Kochoff and the event is free to the public! This event is a fabulous way to understand the struggles many people in our society face and be inspired by her stories.

For more information on Andrea Gibson and her poetry check out: and

For more information on the event you can contact the Office for Student Engagement at (313) 593-5390