Chris Dorner is the hero Los Angeles deserves, but not the one it needs right now. He’s a silent guardian, watchful protection against corruption. He is… their Dark Knight.

Or at least that’s what the Chris Dorner Facebook fan page says. The page, which has more than 1,500 likes, hails the ex-LAPD officer as a hero for seeking revenge against the officers that were allegedly responsible for his firing from the LAPD.

For those not familiar – Dorner gained attention last week when his manifesto regarding corruption in the police department surfaced. He’s also suspected in three killings, although based on his nine-page declaration of war against the LAPD, I expect that number will rise.

He is alleging that because he was a “good” cop – one that did not engage in police brutality or take bribes and who blew the whistle on those who did – he was fired. And because he’s rebelling against the Powers that Be, the internet has come to his defense.

I’ve never, not even at my lowest, thought that we should be sympathizing or relating to a serial killer or someone who shot up their high school or workplace. What can I say? I just never had a Jeffrey Dahmer phase. As a result, I’m never quite sure of why they always seem to have such a large backing. Is it because they are mysterious? Do people find their renegade attitude attractive? Why are lone gunmen so romanticized?

It seems that the answer, at least with Chris Dorner, is that he is doing what all of us secretly want to do. People are really identifying with this guy and how he’s rebelling against The Man. He’s an underdog, a misunderstood soul. Take the “We Are All Chris Dorner” fan page, which maintains that Dorner is the “victim of a manhunt and smear campaign” for trying to expose corruption in the LAPD.

While I don’t doubt that Dorner was smeared for trying to bring light to a situation which plagues many branches of law enforcement, I am a put off by the idea that he is the victim here. Yes, he’s the victim if he did lose his job for trying to be a “good cop.” But he’s not the victim when it comes to the murders he’s accused of, and he’s not the victim when it comes to hunting officers responsible for his firing.

When people aren’t hailing him as the victim, they’re making excuses for his behavior. There’s Anonymous’ view that Dorner is a good man pushed too far. He’s a good guy gone bad to protect the citizens of Los Angeles. It sounds like a tagline for a movie Jason Statham might star in. Really, there are too many metaphors and lofty ideas about this guy for me to sort them all out. But the gist of it is that the LAPD created him, and they are responsible. Whatever he’s doing now, it’s because of them. They deserve it. They have it coming.

Dorner’s anger is understandable, but he expressing it in the worst way. He reminds me of a guy I went to high school with who was expelled for writing down the names of six popular kids that he planned to kill for making his life hell. I found him to be incredibly foolish, and I think the same of Dorner. Killing people doesn’t solve anything, not really. There will always be corrupt officers or popular kids or just general scumbags in the world. Haters marry haters and they have hater kids, if you will.

Chris Dorner is not a hero, or a “chocolate Rambo,” or the savior of America, or any of those things. I don’t wish him harm, but I certainly don’t wish him well as he carries out his manifesto. But I do wish that people would stop romanticizing him, and see him as what he really is: a man with a seriously misguided mission. 


  1. Awful lot of resources to expend on 1 guy who
    allegedly shot 3 people. A million dollar reward…..that’s a new one
    too, it isn’t like Dorner is the head of a cartel or something. The
    police have already shot as many people as Dorner allegedly has, just
    trying to silence him. This whole debacle reeks of lies, cover ups, and
    corruption. I wouldn’t be surprised if the officers who have been shot
    were a result of friendly fire. CLEAN YOUR HOUSE LAPD! And every
    other LEO should take notice, to remain silent is to be a corrupt cop
    and unworthy of anyone’s respect.

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