Gym shoes squeaking, basketballs bouncing, whistles blowing, and players chanting their respective fraternities slogans. These were all things that were heard as the gym began to fill with many students who planned to participate in this semester’s intramural basketball league this past Tuesday in the UM-D Fieldhouse.

The gym was filled with a heavy dose of energy as different fraternity members had good friends come to support them as they participated in the University of Michigan Dearborn’s Intramural Basketball League.

Many fans that were in attendance not only cheered of joy after their team scored a basket, but certain teams such as “TKE’s” had fans show their creativity and bring signs to the game.

The excitement was filled in the gym early on as TKE (Tau Kappa Epsilon) played BSU (Black Student Union) in the opening game of the 2013 UMD Intramural Basketball Season.

BSU took an early lead into the game, but this lead would not last long until TKE’s Ben Walling slowly began to dominate the game from the offensive side of the floor.

Umelo Onyejiaka of BSU fought hard the entire game working from the interior to the perimeter and was determined not to let his team lose the game. Onyejiaka’s efforts showed up clearly in the stat sheet as he finished with a game high 31 points, and earned the nickname of “Bean Bryant” from referee Jordan “J Redd” Redditt.

Unfortunately for Onyejiaka, his effort would come up short to a high powered TKE team led by Ben Walling and Paul Dawidian. Both players finished in double digit scoring as the TKE’s won the game 65-40.

The next game of the evening consisted of Tune Squad versus White Men Can’t Jump. This game started off rather slow, but eventually began to pick up towards the middle of the first half thanks to solid point guard play from Fernando Hernandez of the Tune Squad.

Tune Squad looked like a team that had been together and practicing for a while. They had phenomenal ball movement, and great team chemistry. The leadership from big man Nate Hamilton of Tune Squad was amazing.

He picked up his teammates when they missed a shot, and brought them together at halftime encouraging them to play harder in the second half. Hamilton also has a good game on the floor outside of being a solid leader.

He slashes the lane well, has a solid jump shot, a nice beard, and even earned the nickname of “James Harden” from referee Graham Nash. Some players that stood out from White Men Can’t Jump were Brendan Gallagher and Hussein Yassine. White Men Can’t Jump would eventually lose to Tune Squad 40-23.

Whenever White Men Can’t Jump took the court whether it be on Tuesday night or Thursday night, they were the team to watch. Primarily for the fact that they had the fan favorite Anwar Beydoun running the show from the point guard position. Rather it be his unorthodox jump shot, to his fancy colored shooting sleeve, he sure knew how to get the crowd into the game.

The game of the night from Thursday was between Tune Squad and BSU. The game was highly anticipated early on because Tune Squad had picked up a win earlier in the week and BSU was still looking for their first. The game was like a boxing match featuring Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather.

Both teams gave all they had and exchanging shots back and forth, until BSU came up with late defensive stops and clutch free throws down the stretch to come out on top with a 56-53 win over Tune Squad. Referee Doug Sharples who has been part of the refereeing crew for the University of Michigan Dearborn Intramural Basketball League for quite some time now said that the game between Tune Squad and BSU was “the best he has ever officiated.”

Tuesday and Thursday nights at 10:00pm are always a good time to come to the UM-D Fieldhouse to watch some fellow classmates take part in some intramural basketball action. For those interested there are still available open spots to create your own team so get out there and get involved with intramurals as soon as possible. For more information on intramural basketball feel free to contact Sports Information Director Bryan Earl at